EXTEND THE SERVICE LIFE OF PUMP IMPELLERS with our range of ceramic filled epoxy repair compounds and wear resistant coatings

New PUMP IMPELLER protected from erosion and corrosion with MAXCERAM 300 BRUSHABLE CERAMIC COATING.

MAXCERAM 300 is a 2 part epoxy fluid that can be applied directly to prepared metal surfaces offering excellent long-term resistance to erosion, corrosion and wear.  Once the material cures the coating exhibits an ultra-high gloss, low friction surface which can help to reduce energy consumption in pumps and other rotation equipment.

Pump impellers over time may suffer material loss and reduced pumping efficiency due to:

  • Cavitation damage
  • Corrosion
  • Chemical attack
  • Erosion
  • Wear

Pump Impellers – can be rebuilt and protected with ceramic filled epoxy repair compounds and ceramic wear resistant coatings. These materials are formulated using  the latest solvent free coating technology. MAXCERAM CERAMIC COATINGS FOR PUMPS are suitable for application to new or worn pump impellers, providing excellent corrosion resistance, erosion resistance and protect against chemical, cavitation damage, 

For new pump impellers the quality of base material of the impeller my be reduced to a lower specification (lower cost) and coated with a brushable epoxy ceramic coating  or heavy duty wear compound to improve wear resistance

For worn or damaged pump impellers we utilise repair compounds enhanced with high quality silicone carbide fillers. The repair compounds are used to rebuild lost parent metal and can be applied to a thickness of 20 mm in a single application.

These materials are only machineable by diamond grinding but in most cases the use of former to create the desired profile is usually acceptable. If tight tolerances are required we would recommend a repair material without ceramic fillers, this allows for machining with standard tooling.

Once the PUMP IMPELLER has been rebuilt, the repair area is then coated with a brushable ceramic epoxy coating or heavy duty ceramic wear compound commonly used for slurry pumps, correct material selection of is dependent on wear mode and operating environment.  

Protect pump impellers from erosion and corrosion

We can provide full material specifications for the repair and protection of worn or eroded pump impellers, casings and bodies. We can also recommend a 3rd party contractors skilled in application of pump protection systems


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