Chemical Drains & Channels usually constructed from brick, block or concrete can be eroded due to prolonged contact with corrosive chemicals such a sulfuric acid.

Our range of acid and chemical resistant coatings and screeds can be used to rebuild and protect damaged asset from further degradation.

Acid chemical resistant epoxy screeds and linings are relatively simple to apply and can resist attack from a variety of commonly used industrial acids and are proven to protect against:

  • Hydrobromic 40%.
  • Hydrochloric 36%
  • Phosphoric 75%
  • Sulfuric acid 98%

Please contact us to discuss your project before purchasing this material to confirm suitability.


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  • MAXCHEM 300 Epoxy novolac chemical resistant lining
    Is an Acid Resistant Coating based on Epoxy Novolac Resins. Suitable acid bunding, acid storage tanks ect....
    £185.00£609.00 Excl VAT
  • Acid Resistant paint
    M-CHEM 400 - Chemical Resistant High Temperature Coating The material provides excellent chemical protection for high service temperature applications. Once cured the coating is capable...
    £195.00£665.00 Excl VAT
  • CONCRETE REPAIR TO Lintel Repair
    M-CRETE 100 - Lightweight Epoxy Concrete Repair MortarThe material is designed to repair vertical and overhead concrete surfaces. The mixed material has a very high build...
    £45.00 Excl VAT
    M-CRETE 200 - Heavy Duty Epoxy Screed based high strength repair mortar and screed. Designed for patch repairs to spalled and damaged concrete and for...
    £122.00£280.00 Excl VAT
  • Acid Resistant Epoxy Novolac Screed
    M-CRETE 300 - Acid Resistant Epoxy Novolac Concrete Screed Is formulated with Epoxy novolac resins, when cured the material provides excellent chemical resistance to strong...
    £336.00 Excl VAT
  • M-CRETE 400 - Cement based Tanking System is a single component, polymer modified, fibre-reinforced, Portland cement based compound, which is physically and chemically compatible with...
    £92.00 Excl VAT