The MaxCeram range epoxy repair, rebuilding compounds and epoxy ceramic coatings can help to combat the effects or erosion, corrosion and chemical attack in heat exchangers and condensers

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  • Epoxy repair and rebuilding compounds are primarily used to repair and rebuild  tube sheets and surfaces suffering material loss due to corrosion and erosion.
  • Epoxy Ceramic coatings systems are applied to the internal surfaces of heat exchangers  and provide long-term protection of the parent metal against further damage. 
  • MaxCeram products are suitable for service temperatures up to 130 degrees Celsius

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  • Ceramic Filled Epoxy paste
    Is an abrasion resistant Epoxy Ceramic Putty. Specifically designed for use on damaged or worn metal surfaces.
    £79.50£201.25 Excl VAT
  • Is an Epoxy Coating with Ceramic Fillers offering superb erosion and corrosion resistance properties.
    £79.50£201.25 Excl VAT
    The product has an ultra high gloss finish, designed to reduce internal friction, helping to improve pumping efficiency and lower energy consumption.  
    £79.50£201.40 Excl VAT
  • MaxCeram 500 high temperaturee epox y novolac coating used to protect a chemical pump from erosion and chemical attack
    Epoxy based Ceramic Coating for the protection of Process & Fluid Flow Equipment. The product is suitable for immersed conditions up to 130°C.  
    £98.50£248.00 Excl VAT
  • Metal repair compound
    Engineering grade, epoxy metal repair putty. Used to repair metal components suffering material loss due to mechanical damage, erosion, corrosion or wear.
    £79.50£201.25 Excl VAT
  • MaxMet 800 epoxy farining compound used to fill pitting corrosion
    Is a an Epoxy Fairing Compound and Filler for smoothing damaged or pitted metal surfaces before painting.  
    £79.50£201.25 Excl VAT