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  • Ceramic Filled Epoxy paste
    Is an abrasion resistant Epoxy Ceramic Putty. Specifically designed for use on damaged or worn metal surfaces.
    £79.50£201.25 Excl VAT
  • Is an Epoxy Coating with Ceramic Fillers offering superb erosion and corrosion resistance properties.
    £79.50£201.25 Excl VAT
  • Epoxy Wear Compound
    Is an Heavy Duty Epoxy Ceramic Wear Compound the product is also used extensively for bulk handling, Slurry Pumps & Chutes.  
    £260.00 Excl VAT
  • Metal repair compound
    Engineering grade, epoxy metal repair putty. Used to repair metal components suffering material loss due to mechanical damage, erosion, corrosion or wear.
    £79.50£201.25 Excl VAT