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  • Is a High-Build Coating that is tolerant of poor surface preparation and suitable for application Damp and Compensating surfaces.
    £108.00£427.20 Excl VAT
  • MAXCHEM 300 Epoxy novolac chemical resistant lining
    Is an Acid Resistant Coating based on Epoxy Novolac Resins. Suitable acid bunding, acid storage tanks ect....
    £185.00£609.00 Excl VAT
  • Acid Resistant paint
    M-CHEM 400 - Chemical Resistant High Temperature CoatingThe material provides excellent chemical protection for high service temperature applications. Once cured the coating is capable of...
    £195.00£665.00 Excl VAT
  • chemical bund lining
    M-CHEM 500 - Abrasion & Chemical Resistant Epoxy Coating. Designed for the protection of steel and concrete surfaces in contact with industrial chemicals and mild...
    £100.00£408.00 Excl VAT