• maxkote
    Developed for use prior to the application of various epoxy mortars and screeds in our range to promote adhesion.
    £22.33£74.00 Excl VAT
  • M-PRIME 104 - Damp Tolerant Concrete Primer . The product is a solvent-free clear epoxy primer, which provides outstanding penetration into concrete and other cementitious...
    £164.00 Excl VAT
  • maxkote
    Damp Proof Coating can be used as a primer or a high build coating in its own right for damp, minimally prepared substrates. It has...
    £74.84£210.50 Excl VAT
  • maxkote
    Developed for use in applications to oil contaminated floors prior to application of subsequent floor coatings.  The product exhibits outstanding adhesion to concrete and other...
    £82.50£216.50 Excl VAT
  • maxkote
    A primer exhibiting outstanding adhesion to damp concrete, the fast curing characteristics allow rapid application of subsequent MMA coatings, mortars or screeds from our range.
    £85.05 Excl VAT
  • maxkote
    WG Damp Proof Coating is a fast curing version of 402 Damp Proof Coating designed to be used in lower temperatures or when rapid overcoating/access...
    £85.05£233.89 Excl VAT