Rust-Oleum SuperGrip Safe-T-Epoxy

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Rust-Oleum SuperGrip Safe-T-Epoxy is a roller applied, traction enhancing, epoxy resin coating suitable for use in heavy wear areas. Rust-Oleum SuperGrip Safe-T-Epoxy contains fine, traction enhancing particles embedded in a tough epoxy resin coating. Rust-Oleum SuperGrip Safe-T-Epoxy may be applied to concrete and wooden floor surfaces which are completely clean and dry. It is not recommended to apply on smooth/dense concrete or concrete containing a curing compound, which will prevent a good adhesion.

Features & Benefits

  • Ideal for larger areas
  • Easily applied by roller to concrete, stone and timber
  • Chemical & wear resistant
  • Non-flammable, solvent-free and virtually odour free
  • 2 coats in one day

Approximately 30m² per 5 litres for one coat. Two roller applied coats are normally required. Brush application is suitable at edges but will not be as effective for general application and will also result in reduced coverage.

Surface Preparation
May be applied directly to concrete and wooden surfaces. New concrete should be at least four weeks old. Surfaces should be clean and dry. Very smooth or new concrete should be prepared using Rust-Oleum Mathys 108 Surfa Etch Solution.

Directions for Use
Decant all of the contents of the two tins into the outer tin (scrape around the inside of the tins to remove any residue). Continue mixing until an even colour and consistency are obtained. Do not mix more than one unit at a time. Usable life of the mixed components: approximately one hour at 15°C – 20°C.

One coat of Rust-Oleum SuperGrip Safe-T-Epoxy on most surfaces will act as a priming/sealing coat. The second coat should be applied as soon as the first coat is dry (approximately. 12 hours at 15-20°C). Best results are obtained in warm, dry conditions with a good through draught. Apply by simulated sheepskin roller. Do not exceed the maximum coverage of 30m² per 5 litres per coat. The temperature at floor level during application and cure must be at least 15°C, preferably higher. Occasional stirring of the product will ensure a more even distribution of the aggregate.

Rollers should be cleaned with warm soapy water before the product has cured. Where large areas are being coated, care should be taken to ensure that there is no build-up of partly cured material on the roller.

Application Conditions
The product must be stored for at least 8 hours prior to use at a temperature range of 15°C minimum and 25°C maximum. DO NOT ALLOW THE PRODUCT TO FREEZE.

Shelf Life Conditions
2 years from date of production in unopened cans, if stored in dry, well ventilated areas, not in direct sunlight at temperatures between 5°C and 35°C.

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