M-PIPE 100 – Water Activated Pipe Repair Tape

Is high-performance rapid curing moisture activated bandage developed explicitly for the repair of leaking pipes. Designed for low-pressure leaks up to 10-bar

M-PIPE 100 is supplied in several widths and lengths enabling repairs to all pipe diameters.

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M-PIPE 100 - Water Activated Pipe Repair Tape

M-PIPE 100 – Water Activated Pipe Repair Tape

Is a water activated fiberglass pipe repair tape, designed to stop pipe leaks fast. The material is perfect for rapid repairs to pipes from 1″ up to 6″. M-PIPE 100 – Pipe Repair Tape is a strong, durable and economical way to repair pipe leaks is situ, minimising downtime and disruption.

The product is designed for low-pressure leaks up to 10-bar and can be used for pipe leak repairs where the pressure can not be reduced. The maximum service temperature once the product has cured, 200°C.  The material is supplied in several widths and lengths enabling repairs to various pipe diameters.

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Typical Uses

Suitable for Repairing Pipe Leaks on:

  • Steel
  • Cast iron
  • Copper
  • PVC
  • Stainless steel
  • MDPE

Typical Applications

  • Fix Leaking Copper Pipes
  • Seal Burst Water Pipes
  • Emergency Pipe leak repairs
  • Cast Iron Pipe Repairs
  • Water Leak Repairs

Application Guide

  • Ideally all pressure should be removed from the pipe before the repair commences.

Steel & Cast-Iron Pipes

Copper, Stainless and Plastic Pipes

  • Copper or stainless-steel pipes should be roughened with a course file, rasp or saw blade.
  • For plastic pipes abrade surfaces with coarse grit emery cloth. A saw blade may also be used to create a crosshatch pattern. This is particularly useful on polypropylene and PVDF piping.
  • Before and during application, lightweight disposable gloves should be worn to protect the hands.
  • M-PIPE 100 Emergency Pipe Repair Tape is a single component material, which should be fully immersed in clean water and squeezed two or three times to activate the resin for about five seconds prior to use.
  • Remove the MAXPIPE 100 – Water Activated Pipe Wrap roll from water start the repair by centring the tape over the hole and wrap from bottom, pulling firmly throughout application.
  • After 5-7 wraps, resin foam will come through the tape, which is desirable and aided by pulling tightly. Continue until entire roll is applied, building to a minimum thickness of 12mm (½”), use a second roll if necessary.
  • Firmly press and smooth the end of roll into wrap in the direction of application. Wet gloves in water, smooth and firmly press the wet resin back into the wrap.
  • When M-PIPE  100 is used in conjunction with an ‘Epoxy plug’ of M-METAL 300 – Metal Epoxy Putty Stick – Rapid Cure, please follow the mixing instruction for M-METAL 300 – Cut a piece of putty stick and knead in a gloved hand and flatten out into a disc centrally over the hole pressing gently and feathering the edges.
  • Leave to semi-harden (full cure 20 minutes) before applying the tape, although the tape may be applied immediately if necessary.


  • Continue rapid hand movement pressing and polishing resin in motions around and parallel to the pipe. Continue process until resins are no longer tacky.

NOTE: If a thicker application is needed, spend a little less time finishing the first roll and immediately begin the application of the next. Finish the finial roll as if a single roll application.

Pipe Repair Size Guide

  • 50mm x 1.8mtrs = 15 – 50mm pipes
  • 50mm x 3.6mtrs = 50 – 75mm pipes
  • 75mm x 3.6mtrs = 75 – 100mm pipes
  • 100mm x 3.6mtrs = 100 – 125mm pipes

For larger pipes more than one bandage will be required.

  • Maximum Heat Resistance up to 200C
  • Maximum Pressure Resistance 12mm thick layer of resin – 10 bar (145psi)
  • Tensile Strength ASTM D6382 2740psi
  • Flexural Strength ASTM D790 4640psi
  • Hardness Shore D ASTM D2240 82
  • Adhesion (Bond Strength) Abrasive blast cleaned mild steel 2000psi



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