We have over 20 years experience in the repair and maintenance industry and offer the MaxKote range of polymer-based engineering solutions and protection systems.

Our materials are specifically designed to enhance the performance, whilst extending the life of industrial  plant and equipment. 

All products utilise the latest solvent free epoxy and polyurethane technologies and provide excellent protection against corrosion, chemical attack, erosion and wear.

MaxKote epoxy repair compounds, pastes and fluids are perfect for rebuilding worn or damaged metal components.

Our coatings provide excellent resistance to chemical attack and corrosion and are suitable for continuous immersion in concentrated acids and industrial chemicals at temperatures up to 130°C.


rotary valve wear
Our Products

The MaxKote range of epoxy repair, maintenance and protection products are perfect for numerous industrial applications. Each material has its own unique properties allowing us to offer a repair solution for most industrial repair or protection application

Chemical Protection – A range of Epoxy, Epoxy Novolac and Polyurethane liquid applied chemical resistant coatings and linings. Typically used for the long-term protection of concrete and metal surfaces, recommend for concentrated acids and industrial chemicals.

Metal Repair – A range of solvent free Epoxy Metal Repair Compounds and Fluids. Designed to rebuild, repair, and resurface worn metal components that have lost parent metal due to corrosion, erosion, and chemical attack. Most products can be drilled, machined, tapped, and sanded to achieve desired profile and tolerances.

Protective Coatings – A range of solvent free Epoxy and Polyurethane coatings designed to protect industrial assets from environmental corrosion. Our product offer corrosion resistance for structural steel, storage tanks and various other steel structures

Fabric Maintenance – A comprehensive range of liquid applied membranes, epoxy concrete repair mortars, floor coatings and metal repair materials, designed repair and protect industrial & commercial facilities from water ingress, erosion, and mechanical damage.

Pipe Repair & Leak Sealing – A range of Epoxy and Polyurethane pipe repair tapes, bandages, and composite wrapping systems. We offer non-compliant products for leaking pipes up to 10 bar pressure and a range of systems that conform to ASME AND ISO standard (approved applicator required) 

Wear Protection – A range of solvent free Ceramic enhanced Epoxy and Polyurethane repair compounds and coatings designed to protect industrial plant and equipment from erosion, corrosion, wear, and chemical attack.

Supporting British Businesses

Where possible our products are manufactured in the United Kindom, helping to support UK manufacturing and Britsh Jobs. Look out for the made in Britain Logo on the product pages.

Made in Britain

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