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Concrete Step Repair

One of the common questions our customers ask is – ‘can you repair concrete steps’ or do they need to be replaced? The simple answer is yes, in most cases with the right products and knowhow concrete step repair projects can result in a long lasting and safe solution.

Over time, due to constant wear and tear, foot traffic and the weather even the best made concrete steps can degrade. Structural damage, spalling, cracks, chips and holes can lead to not only safety problems but also look unsightly and unmaintained.

Generally, this damage and degradation can be repaired and with ongoing maintenance should mitigate the need for the additional cost to replace concrete or stone steps.

There are numerous concrete repair products available across the UK market which will provide a solution for how to repair cracked concrete steps, so much so that it makes the subject overly complex and difficult to find exactly the right products.

Our recommendations focus on a small range of products that are suitable for almost all applications and environments. The epoxy-based formulation is high performance, durable and cost effective. The material is designed specifically for patch repairs and perfect for repairing old concrete steps and all can be used for all concrete step repairs whether the repair is for vertical and horizontal damage.

Next – How to repair concrete steps?

Here we explain ‘how to repair concrete steps’, how to prepare for your project and some recommendations about the types of products to use.

There are several key factors to consider before carrying out your repair to ensure the durability, effectiveness and service life of the finished repair.

What basic equipment will you need?

  • Chosen repair product (screed/ mortar etc.) ensuring you fully understand the manufacturers application instructions before starting the repair
  • Spatula or mixing paddle if necessary
  • Protective gloves, mask and clothing
  • Enzyme cleaner (to remove any stains and oil)
  • Wire brush, masonry brush or power washer (to remove debris)
  • Grinder or chisel (to remove loose concrete around cracks and holes)
  • Trowel, margin trowel, squeegee and if required a steel float for a smooth finish

How to Prepare your surface

  • For a successful application the concrete surface must be clean, free of all dust, grease and loose materials. Compressed air can be used to clean any thin hairline cracks or deep pitting.
  • For oil contaminated surfaces an enzyme cleaner must be applied to the surface to ensure that all residual oil contamination is removed.
  • The concrete can be abraded using a mechanical grinder to ensure the repair material is adhering to a sound concrete surface.
  • For manual surface preparation, use grinders, chisels and wire brushes for damaged areas.
  • Note: For sinking concrete steps or where there are significant structural and deep seated fractures replacement would be the recommended solution.

Guide to Application

The application guide provided here relates to the MaxKote products we recommend. If you choose an alternative product from a different supplier/ manufacturer the product will come with a set of explicit application instructions.

  • M-CRETE 200 – Heavy Duty Epoxy Screed is epoxy based and a high strength repair mortar and screed. It has been designed for patch repairs to spalled and damaged concrete and for resurfacing. Once cured the product provides excellent resistance against damage, erosion and chemicals and has the added benefit of being solvent free.


  • All repair surfaces must be primed.
  • Pour the primer (activator) component into the primer (base) component and mix with the spatula provided.
  • Once the resin is streak free, apply by brush to the repair area.
  • Ensure the primer is pressed into any cracks or pitting and the concrete surface is thoroughly wetted.
  • Once you have finished the priming stage, mix the activator (as marked) with the base component (as marked).
  • Mix the two parts in the base tin with the spatula provided.
  • Ensure all the material is thoroughly mixed and streak free.
  • Pour the contents of the mixed resin into the container the product was delivered in and add the aggregate slowly to the resin.
  • Mix the aggregate and resin together with an industrial paddle or forced action mixer.
  • Once you have the correct consistency, empty the contents of the mixed product onto the floor or repair area.
  • Spread the screed with a trowel, wooden baton or rubber squeegee and then using a steel float with firm pressure, smooth the material to the desired thickness.
  • To improve surface appearance spray clean water onto the face of the float and lightly skim the surface ensuring the material is not overworked as this may bring the resins to the surface.


  • M-CRETE 100 – Lightweight Epoxy Concrete Repair Mortar this material is designed to repair vertical and horizontal concrete surfaces. The mixed material has a very high build capability of up 75mm in a single application, reducing application time considerably versus conventional repair methods.
  • Transfer the bag of aggregate (aggregate is pre-mixed with the based component) into the 5ltr tin provided and then add the activator component to the aggregate.
  • For the best results use an electric paddle mixer to ensure the two components are thoroughly mixed.
  • Once mixed best application method is by forcing the material into the repair with a gloved hand, paying particular attention to the edges of the step. Finishing the concrete patching with a float to achieve the required surface result.
  • For vertical surfaces, the material can be applied up to 50mm using melamine boards as temporary shuttering to support the mortar whilst curing.
  • For best results spray water onto the face of the trowel for the finishing skim.

Once your application is complete and your repair is fully cured that’s it! – the outcome should be a clean, durable and effective concrete step repair with long lasting results.

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