Epoxy Concrete Primers

If you are looking for a high-quality epoxy concrete primer, look no further than Maxkote’s range of solvent free epoxy concrete primers. We are one of the UK’s largest suppliers of Epoxy, Polyurethane and MMA paints and coatings.

Our business stocks a huge range of concrete primers ideal for a variety of applications. Whether you are planning a large-scale industrial projects or have a small job that you want to complete around the home, we have got you covered.

At Maxkote Ltd, we are committed to providing customers with an affordable source of industrial coating and repair products. We offer free expert advice, fast shipping, and incredible customer service. Continue reading to learn more about epoxy concrete primers or give us a call on 01904 809 773.

What Is An Epoxy Concrete Primer?

Concrete primer, also called concrete primer sealer, is primarily used to improve the adhesive properties of concrete, so coating can stick to it more easily. This increases the longevity of your coated concrete surfaces.

A concrete primer sealer will also penetrate the pores of the substrate, sealing any holes in the concrete which may have formed from outgassing. This reduces the permeability of your concrete floor, which helps to protect it from damage caused by chemical solutions, bacteria, and water.

Epoxy concrete primers contain epoxy resins (polyepoxides), which are a type of reactive

polymer made from epoxides. Once applied, an epoxy concrete primer forms a mechanical bond within the pores of the concrete surface. This seals the surface and gives the paint you apply an even surface it can easily adhere to.

Low viscosity epoxy primers are the perfect primer for concrete floors, chemical bunds and any concrete structure that requires a protective coating as they are inexpensive and dry quickly.

What Are The Benefits Of Using An Epoxy Concrete Primer?

There are several benefits associated with using epoxy concrete primers

  • Easy to apply
    Epoxy primers are quite thin, which makes them easy to apply.
  • A strong chemical bond
    The thin viscosity of epoxy concrete primer makes it better at penetrating into the concrete substrate. This creates a better bond and improved adhesion, which delivers a longer lasting and more durable concrete floor coating.
  • Air bubbles are eliminated
    The epoxy primer can move into any air bubbles and pinholes in the surface of the concrete easily, providing excellent protection to your concrete surfaces.
  • Excellent moisture resistance
    Epoxy primers form a strong waterproof barrier for concrete flooring. This makes epoxy primers a great choice for concrete flooring exposed to moisture. Additionally, most epoxy primers can be applied on concrete that has not fully dried after being cleaned or acid etched.
  • Acid resistant, oil blocking, and anti-static primers available
    There are several types of epoxy concrete primers available with special properties for specific applications.

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