Metal Epoxy Putty is high strength, solvent free, 2 part epoxies.

When cured all materials resist a wide range of industrial chemicals and dilute acids.

The products are frequently used for fast and permanent repairs metal surfaces such as:

Stainless Steel
Cast iron
Most plastics

Our epoxy putty metal repair products are also used to reclaim worn metal components. And can provide protection against various modes of failure such as:

Chemical Attack
Machining Errors,
Mechanical Damage

For example Epoxy Repair putties are also used for repairing and rebuilding applications. And can be used on metal parts such as:

Worn or damaged pump shafts
Filling pitting corrosion
Resurfacing pump housings
Cracked pump or valve casings
Scored hydraulic rams
Worn bearing housings
Damaged flanges
Leaking tank seams
Worn keyways
Cracked engine blocks
Structural adhesive

Key advantages of the type of metal repair material is:

Suitable for in-situ repairs
100% Solids material
Very High Build
EasyMix formula
Fully machinable
No Welding Require
Safet to use
Corrosion Resistant
Chemical Resistant

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