Our heavy duty epoxy screeds are a high-performance flooring solution that provides excellent durability and resistance to wear and tear. These screeds are made from a blend of high-quality epoxy resins and aggregate materials, which combine to create a tough and long-lasting surface that can withstand heavy traffic, impacts, and chemical spills.

Our heavy duty epoxy screeds are ideal for use in industrial and commercial settings where floors are subjected to constant use and abuse. They are highly resistant to abrasion, impact, and chemical exposure, making them perfect for use in factories, warehouses, workshops, and other high-traffic areas.

In addition to their exceptional durability, our heavy duty epoxy screeds also offer excellent slip resistance and ease of maintenance. Their non-slip surface provides a safe working environment, while their seamless finish makes them easy to clean and sanitize. This makes them an ideal choice for food and beverage processing facilities, healthcare facilities, and other environments where cleanliness is of utmost importance.

In summary, our heavy duty epoxy screeds are a highly durable, versatile, and customizable flooring solution that is ideal for use in demanding industrial and commercial environments. With their exceptional strength, slip resistance, and ease of maintenance, they are the perfect choice for any facility where performance and safety are top priorities.

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