Our range Epoxy Ceramic Wear Protection products combat the effects of erosion, corrosion impact, cavitation and chemical attack. Our ceramic epoxy coatings, linings and ceramic epoxy metal repair compounds are used to protect metallic surfaces from mechanical damage and wear.

Epoxy ceramic metal repair pastes, compounds and coatings are typically used to rebuild and protect the parent metal of pumps, valves, heat-exchangers, chutes pipework and hoppers.

On curing the products provide a sacrificial barrier between the parent metal and the media being transported, typically in fluid-flow, pneumatic and bulk handling conveyor systems.

Epoxy ceramic repair, rebuilding pastes and compounds are primarily used to repair or rebuild metal surfaces suffering damage or material loss, back to original dimensions. Before being over-coated with a suitable epoxy ceramic coating or lining system.

Epoxy Ceramic coatings and lining systems are applied to the internals surfaces of pumps, valves heat exchangers and pipework, chutes and hoppers to enhance pumping efficiency and provide erosion, corrosion wear and chemical protection

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