M-METAL 500 - Underwater Epoxy Putty Stick - Rapid Cure

M-METAL 500 – Underwater Epoxy Putty Stick – Rapid Cure

£15.70 Excl VAT

M-METAL 800 – Metal Fairing Compound – Standard Cure

£82.50£213.33 Excl VAT
MaxMet 800 epoxy farining compound used to fill pitting corrosion
M-METAL 600 - Metal Epoxy Putty - Rapid Cure

M-METAL 600 - Metal Epoxy Putty - Rapid Cure

£71.40 Excl VAT

M-METAL 600 – Metal Epoxy Putty – Rapid Cure

£71.40 Excl VAT

Rapid Curing Metal Epoxy Putty used for emergency repairs to metal components. Typical uses include: Leaking Flanges, Worn Shafts.



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M-METAL 600 - Metal Epoxy Putty - Rapid Cure

Is solvent free, epoxy repair and rebuilding compound, suitable for emergency repairs to metal or plastic components suffering material loss due to mechanical damage, erosion, corrosion or chemical attack.

M-METAL 600 – Metal Epoxy Putty – Rapid Cure when mixed the material is tolerant to poor surface conditions and can be applied directly to damp or wet surfaces, providing all loose material is removed before application.

The material is supplied in two parts with a base and activator, once mixed together, provides a smooth grey paste. The mixed the material can be applied in a single coat up to a thickness of 20.0mm without slumping, allowing for faster repair times and return to service.

Typical Uses

  • Filling Pitting Corrosion
  • Repair Leaking Seams on Storage Tanks
  • Rebuild Worn Pump Impellers and Casings
  • Repairs to Leaking Flange Faces
  • Rebuild damaged Shafts and Bearing Housings
  • Resurfacing Underwater Structures
  • Repair Cracks in Engine Blocks
  • As a Structural adhesive

Application Guide

  • All oil and grease must be removed from the surface using an appropriate cleaner such MEK or similar type solvent.
  • All surfaces must be abrasive blasted to ISO 8501/4 Standard SA2.5 (SSPC SP10/ NACE 2) minimum blast profile of 75 microns using an angular.
  • Once blast cleaned, the surface must be degreased and cleaned using MEK or similar type solvent.
  • All surfaces must be coated before gingering or oxidation.
  • Mechanical tools use a handheld mechanical grinder with a coarse grinding pad or rotary wire brush. Ensure all loose material and as much surface contamination is cleaned from the surface.
  • Hand tools use a wire brush or coarse emery cloth to abrade the surface. Ensure all loose material and as much surface contamination is cleaned from the surface.

Ensure the surface is wiped with an appropriate solvent cleaner such as MEK prior to and after abrading the surface.

Prior to mixing please ensure the following:

  • The base component is at a temperature between 15-25°C.
  • Do not apply  the material when the ambient or substrate temperature is below 5°C or less than 3°C above dew point.
  • Mix both Part-A and part-B together in full units as supplied. For small quantities us a mixing ratio of: 1:1 by volume or 1:1 by weight
  • When mixing both materials, it is particularly important to have a uniform grey paste that is streak free. Once mixing is complete, use the mixed paste as soon possible after mixing.

Use all mixed material within 5 minutes at 20°C.

  • Using a spatula or applicator tool, apply the material to the prepared repair area.
  • Ensure the product is pressed into any holes, scars or cracks.
  • Once the repair has been completed smooth off any imperfections using a gloved hand with a little water.
  • Minimum – the applied material can be over-coated as soon as it is touch dry.
  • Maximum – the over-coating time should not exceed 4 hours.

Where the maximum over-coating time is exceeded, the material should be allowed to harden before being abraded or flash blasted to remove surface contamination.

Mid grey paste
White paste
Mid grey paste
Mixing RatioBy Weight
By Volume
Volume Capacity555cc/kg
Solids Content100%
Slump ResistanceNil at20mm
Usable Life10°C

10 minutes
5 minutes
2.5 minutes
Coverage1kg at a thickness of 1.0mm0.55m2
Cure Times @ 20°CMovement without load or immersion:
Machining and light loading:
Full loading:
45 mins
4.0 hours
8.0 hours
Storage LifeUnopened and stored in dry conditions (15-30°C)1 year
AdhesionTensile Shear to ASTM D1002 on abrasive blasted mild steel with 75-micron profile185kg/cm² 2630psi
Compressive StrengthTested to ASTM D 695185kg/ cm² 2630psi
Corrosion ResistanceTested to ASTM B117Minimum 5000 hours
Lap ShearTested to ISO 4587240kg/cm² 3400psi
HardnessRockwell R to ASTM D78585
Heat DistortionTested to ASTM D648 at 264psi fibre stress.20°C Cure 60°C

Heat ResistanceSuitable for long term water immersion at temperatures up to 60°C. Resistant to dry heat in excess of 130°C dependant on load.60°C
Chemical ResistanceThe product resists attack by a wide variety of inorganic acids, alkalis, salts and organic media.

Additional information

Weight 0.6 kg
Unit Size



Dark Grey

Kit Contents

1 x Plastic Applicator Tool, 1 x Plastic Spatula

Mixing Ratio

1:1 By Weight & Volume

Number of Coats

1 – 20mm max

Pot Life @ 20°C

5 Mins

Coverage per Unit

0.554 sqm at 1.0mm






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