MaxMet 800 epoxy farining compound used to fill pitting corrosion

M-METAL 800 – Metal Fairing Compound – Standard Cure

£82.50£213.33 Excl VAT

M-METAL 700 – Metal Epoxy Putty – Extended Cure

£337.10 Excl VAT
M-METAL 700 - Metal Epoxy Putty - Extended Cure
M-METAL 300 - Metal Epoxy Putty Stick - Rapid Cure

M-METAL 300 - Metal Epoxy Putty Stick - Rapid Cure

£15.70 Excl VAT

M-METAL 300 – Metal Epoxy Putty Stick – Rapid Cure

£15.70 Excl VAT

Is a Rapid Setting Epoxy Putty Stick for repairs to metal and most ridgid surfaces.




M-METAL 300 – Metal Epoxy Putty Stick – Rapid Cure

Is multipurpose steel reinforced putty that is design for repairing, bonding sealing applications, the product is easy to mix in just one minute, to provide fast and permanent repairs. the material can rebuild virtually any material.

The material is supplied in stick form with a predetermined mixing ratio of base and activator. Mix by kneading, (Please note, use gloves for mixing) until a smooth grey putty is achieved. 

Once mixed M-METAL 300 – Epoxy Putty provides a fast curing putty, suited for small repairs that require rapid return to service.

M-METAL 300 is totally waterproof once dried, repairs may be sanded and painted with any of our epoxy or polyurethane coating systems, providing additional long-term asset protection.

Typical Uses

Application Guide

  • All oil and grease must be removed from the surface of the repair using an appropriate cleaner such as MEK.
  • The material is suitable for application to manually prepared surfaces such as hand wire brush, sanding, mechanical grinding, or wire brush.
  • All loose material such as rust or flaking paint must be removed prior to the application of this product

The product is supplied in stick form and therefore the base and activator component are premeasured.

  • Simply break off the required amount of material from the stick and using gloved hands knead the product until the black and grey components become a consistent mid grey colour.
  • Use the material as soon as possible after mixing

Use all mixed material within 5 minutes at 20°C.

  • Once a consistent mix has been achieved apply the material by pressing the putty with firm pressure onto the prepared surface and hold for 30 seconds.
Light grey paste
Dark grey paste
Mid grey paste
Mixing RatioPre – measured
Solids Content100%
Slump ResistanceNil at20 mm
Usable Life20°C

5 minutes
Cure Times @ 20°CHard Dry
Machining and light loading
Full loading
30 mins
30 mins
1 hour
1 hour
Storage LifeUnopened and stored in dry conditions (15-30°C)1 year
AdhesionTensile Shear to ASTM D1002 on abrasive blasted mild steel with 75-micron profile70kg/ cm² 1000psi
Compressive StrengthTested to ASTM D 695446kg/ cm² 6350psi
Corrosion ResistanceTested to ASTM B117Minimum 5000 hours
HardnessShore D Hardness 80 at 20°C
Heat ResistanceSuitable for long-term water immersion at temperatures up to:
Resistant to dry heat in excess of:
Chemical ResistanceThe product resists attack by a wide variety of inorganic acids, alkalis, salts and organic media.

Additional information

Weight .125 kg
Unit Size



Dark Grey

Mixing Ratio

1:1 By Weight & Volume

Pot Life @ 20°C

5 Mins






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