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Expansion Joint Sealer | Fosroc Colpor 200PF | Maxkote

£91.66 Excl VAT

M-CRETE 200 – Heavy Duty Epoxy Screed

£205.94£474.87 Excl VAT
M-CRETE 200 - Heavy Duty Epoxy Screed
M-CRETE 100 – Lightweight Epoxy Concrete Repair Mortar

M-CRETE 100 - Lightweight Epoxy Concrete Repair Mortar

£60.92 Excl VAT

M-CRETE 100 – Lightweight Epoxy Concrete Repair Mortar

£60.92 Excl VAT

The material is designed to repair vertical and overhead concrete surfaces. The mixed material has a very high build capability of up 75mm in a single application, reducing application time considerably versus conventional repair methods.


M-CRETE 100 – Lightweight Epoxy Concrete Repair Mortar

Is formulated using solvent free epoxy resins and lightweight fillers. The product is designed for the long term repair of spalled and damaged concrete.

Due to the low mixed weight of the material is perfectly suited for vertical and overhead concrete repairs or to repair damaged stone.

The mixed material has a very high build capability of up 50.0mm in a single application.

This helps to reduce the application time and repair cost considerably, versus conventional repair methods.

Any exposed reinforcing bar will need to be prepared and treated with a primer such as M-PRIME 200 – Metal Surface Primer to stop further corrosion and spalling.


Typical Uses

  • Reinforced Concrete Lintel Repair
  • Concrete Windowsill Repair
  • Concrete Column Repair
  • Damaged Stonework
  • Cosmetic Repairs to Bridges and Concrete Structures

Please contact us to discuss your project before purchasing this material to confirm suitability.

Application Guide

  • The concrete surface must be free of all dust and loose materials, compressed air can be used to clean any thin hairline cracks or deep pitting.
  • For oil contaminated surfaces an enzyme cleaner must be applied to the surface to ensure that all residual oil contamination is removed.
  • The concrete can be abraded using a mechanical grinder to ensure the repair material is adhering to a sound concrete surface.

All repair surface must be primed

  • Pour the primer (activator) component into the primer (base) component tin and mix with the spatula provided.
  • Once the resin is streak free apply by brush to the repair area.
  • Ensure the primer is pressed into any cracks or pitting and the concrete surface is thoroughly wetted.

Prior to mixing please ensure the following:

  • The material components are at a temperature between 15-25°C.
  • The ambient & surface temperature is above 10°C.
  • The ambient & surface temperatures are not less than 3°C above the dew point.
  • Transfer the bag of aggregate (aggregate is pre-mixed with the based component) into the 5ltr, tin provided and then add the activator component to the aggregate.
  • For the best results use an electric paddle mixer to ensure the two components are thoroughly mixed.

By Hand

  • Once mixed best application method is by forcing the material in to the repair with a gloved hand and finishing with a float to achieve the required surface finish.
  • For overhead or vertical surfaces, the material can be applied up to 50mm using melamine boards as temporary shuttering to support the mortar whilst curing.
  • For best results spray water onto the face of the trowel for the finishing skim.
Amber liquid
Grey powder
Mixing Ratio
Full Units
Solids Content100%
Sag ResistanceNil at50mm
Usable Life10°C

2 hours
60 minutes
30 minutes

Coverage A 2.5kg unit will have the following coverage rate

0.83m² at 3mm
0.5m² at 5mm
0.36m² at 7mm
0.277m² at 9mm
Cure Times at 20°C Touch dry hours
Maximum overcoat time
8 hours
24 hours
Storage LifeUnopened and stored in dry conditions (15-30°C)5 years
Direct Pull off AdhesionTested to ASTM D406035kg/cm² (500psi)
Compressive StrengthTested to ASTM D 695420kg/cm² (6000psi)
Flexural StrengthTested to ASTM D790280kg/cm² (4000psi)

Additional information

Weight 3 kg


Unit Size


Coverage per Unit

0.47 sqm at 4.0mm




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