Made in the UK - M-CRETE 600P - Surface Primer

M-CRETE 600P – Surface Primer

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M-CRETE 600 – Concrete Expansion Joint Filler

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Expansion joint filler, sealer
fosroc colpor 200pf price

Expansion Joint Sealer | Fosroc Colpor 200PF | Maxkote

£91.66 Excl VAT

Expansion Joint Sealer | Fosroc Colpor 200PF | Maxkote

£91.66 Excl VAT

Cold applied, high performance, pavement joint sealant conforming to the requirements of BS EN 14188-2:2004 and BS5212 Part1:1990


Colpor 200PF

Is a two-component cold-applied pouring grade sealant for pavement joints.

It is flow applied into the joint either directly from the can or using a Fosroc G Gun.

Fosroc Colpor 200PF 5l retains its movement accommodation of 25% on butt joints throughout the extremes of temperature, it does not harden in cold weather nor become excessively soft, or pick up in hot conditions.

Colpor 200PF is resistant to jet blast and is suitable for concrete runways and hardstanding’s.

Colpor 200PF is suitable for areas where fuel spillage is likely.

In trafficked areas the maximum expansion joint width should not exceed 30 mm, wider joints are likely to suffer mechanical damage. It is necessary to recess the level of the sealant 5 to 8 mm below the pavement surface, the depth is dependent on the season and temperature at the time of sealing.

Additional protection for the joint aris can be provided by chamfering the top edge. The width/depth ratio of the Colpor 200PF seal should be 1:1 to 1½ :1 subject to a minimum 10 mm depth of sealant.

(example, contraction joint: 15 mm wide x 13 mm depth; expansion joint: 25 mm wide x 20 mm depth).


  • High movement accommodation
  • Cold applied — no heating equipment required
  • Fuel, oil and hydraulic fluid resistance
  • Jet blast resistant

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