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M-CRETE 600 – Concrete Expansion Joint Filler

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Expansion Joint Sealer | Fosroc Colpor 200PF | Maxkote

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Made in the UK - M-CRETE 600P - Surface Primer

M-CRETE 600P - Surface Primer

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M-CRETE 600P – Surface Primer

£96.82 Excl VAT

M-CRETE 600P is to be used in conjunction with M-CRETE 600 Expansion and Construction Joint Filler


M-CRETE 600P – Surface Primer

Is a single component, solvent borne, polyurethane priming coat to be used with M-CRETE 600.

M-CRETE 600P is suitable for priming dry, porous surfaces which form the bonding face of an expansion or construction joint.

It can be used on concrete, cementitious or epoxy mortars, timber and porous stone surfaces.

It should not be used on glazed, metallic or sealed surfaces (e.g. G.R.P. polished stone, painted surfaces etc.)

Typical Uses

  • Priming Concrete Expansion & Construction Joints

Application Guide

  • All joints should be completely dry and free from all traces of dirt, dust, grease and any previous sealants or other foreign matter.
  • Cleaning may be carried out using sand/grit-blasting, grinding, sawing or water jetting, depending on new or re-sealing applications.
  • Wire brushing must only be used for the removal of filler boards.
  • In all cases a clean bonding surface must be obtained.
  • In re-sealing situations, where joints have been previously sealed with pitch based materials and traces of bitumen are still present our Technical Services Department will advise on the most suitable method of preparation and priming.
  • Joint sides must be parallel and straight. Spalled joints should be repaired with an appropriate material.
  • Following preparation, place into the base of the joint a bond breaker or BACK UP FOAM to form the correct cross section for the joint sealant and to prevent the sealant bonding to the base of the joint.

Prior to mixing please ensure the following:

  • The base component is at a temperature between 5-40°C.
  • Do not apply  the material when the ambient or substrate temperature is below 5°C or less than 3°C above dew point.
  • Mix both Part-A and part-B together in full units as supplied.
  • When mixing both materials, it is particularly important to have a uniform streak free fluid.
  • Once mixing is complete, use the mixed primer as soon possible after mixing.

Use all mixed material within 20-25 minutes at 20°C.

  • After cleaning, the joint faces should be primed with M-CRETE 600P using a small paint brush, care should be taken to ensure complete coverage.
  • After priming, allow half an hour for the solvent to evaporate.
  • If application of the sealant is delayed for more than 2 hours after priming, joints should be reprimed.

M-CRETE 600P should be stored in cool, dry conditions away from frost, moisture and direct sunlight. This product will have a shelf life of 9 months when stored in these conditions in original unopened container.

M-CRETE 600P – Base MSDS


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