Metal Repair & Rebuilding

We provide a wide range of high strength, solvent free, 2 part epoxy based repair products. When cured all materials resist a wide range of industrial chemicals and dilute acids. And are suited for fast and permanent repairs metallic surfaces such as: steel, aluminium, cast iron and most plastics.

Our epoxy putty metal repair compounds are typically used to reclaim worn metal components. that have suffered  base material loss due to: Abrasion, Corrosion, Chemical Attack, Erosion, Machining Errors, Mechanical Damage and Wear

Most materials are supplied in two parts with an epoxy resin and hardener that are easy to mix together before use. Once mixed the materials can be applied at a film thickness from 1mm to 20mm without slumping depending on product selection.

The normal application method is by short bristled brush, plastic applicator or spatula. Once cured the material can be drilled tapped, machined using conventional tools or sanded to achieve the desired profile. To extend the service life of any repair. The area may be over-coated with any of our epoxy, ceramic filled epoxy or polyurethane coatings.