Disposable Coveralls are made from lightweight polypropylene and are ideal for keeping clothes clean and safe from paint and other contaminants. Disposable Coveralls are a cost...
    £3.89 Excl VAT
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    Meet basic health and safety requirements with this affordable fold flat face mask. Disposable Face Masks are an entry level of protection and that are suited to water...
    £0.38 Excl VAT
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    Disposable stretch, powder free vinyl gloves that are handy for keeping yourself clean. Whether you need to protect the product from the wearer, or the...
    £3.99 Excl VAT
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    High quality comfortable ear defenders for a wide number of industrial applications that protect your hearing in noisy environments with these comfortably padded ear defenders.
    £4.62 Excl VAT
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    Gripz gloves are an excellent multi-purpose glove, ideal for a variety of different jobs inside and outside. They have excellent durability and resistance to to...
    £2.26 Excl VAT
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    Visitor spectacles and impact goggles for excellent eye protection. Safety Spectacles/Goggles are economical eyewear ideal for visitors, wearing over prescription spectacles and general use for the...
    £2.92 Excl VAT