Acid & Chemical Resistant Paints

The M-CHEM range high performance chemical resistant coatings and linings are designed to protect concrete and metal surfaces from aggressive acids and industrial chemicals.

All materials are solvent free and formulated utilising the latest epoxy, polyurethane and epoxy novolac technologies. This ensures we are able to provide a solution even in the most demanding environments such a chemical bunds and containment areas, chemical vessels and process equipment.

Our product are suitable for high temperature service (max 130°C) but this dependent the the application and specified MAXCHEM material. M-CHEM 400 – HIGH TEMPERATURE EPOXY NOVOLAC COATING for instance offers superior chemical resistant against concentrated acids such as 98% Sulphuric Acid at 75°C, 36% Hydrochloric Acid at 50°C and 40% Phosphoric Acid at 60°C

We would recommend talking to us about your project, as there are many variables that require consideration before a specification can be provided.


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