Rust-Oleum De-Aeration Roller

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Keim Handles for Roller Sleeves


Sika Application Guns

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Sika Applications Guns are used to apply Sika sealants and foam precisely and professionally. Designed to suit varying sizes of cartridge, this range of application guns offers quality tools to achieve the best out of your Sika application.

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Sika Professional Sealant Gun C3

Sturdy skeleton gun with hexagonal rod and re-enforced ring and hook end.

Sika Power Pro Sealant Gun

The ultimate heavy duty sealant gun, extra pull trigger, hook end and swivel action barrel for both 310ml and 400ml cartridges.

Sika Superflow Sealant Gun

Engineered to be what Sika believe is the best gun ever with a rotating barrel, smooth action trigger with 33% higher pull ratio*, soft grip handle and a non-drip device all wrapped up in a robust, sturdy gun that will handle the toughest of conditions.

(*when compared with Sika Power Pro Sealant Gun)

Sika Bulk Gun

Sika Bulk Gun is a specially designed barrel gun for use with Sika 600ml cartridges/sausages/foil packs. It provides a quick and easy way to apply Sika products that are purchased in the larger 600ml pack sizes producing a ‘mess’ free application with the enclosed barrel.

Sika P45 Foam Gun

Gives the user more control to apply the foam precisely in hard to reach places, saving unnecessary wastage. For both professional and DIY use.


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