Diesel Bund Lining

Diesel Bund Lining

Existing Concrete and Brick Diesel Bund area was porous and leaking due to prolonged spill contact with diesel during tank filling.


  • The concrete was steam cleaned and any loose friable material was removed using diamond grinders and hand scrapers.

  • Due to high moisture content readings M-PRIME 104 – Damp Tolerant Concrete Primer which is suitable for concrete with a moisture reading below 25% was selected to seal the concrete before any coatings could be applied.
  • When the basecoat was dry enough to walk on, any excess aggregate was brushed off and vacuumed before the topcoat of M-CHEM 100 could applied. The application of the topcoat should be thick enough that the aggregate is slightly exposed (typically 200 microns).
Diesel bund coating
Diesel bund completed epoxy lining
Diesel Bund Lining
Diesel Bund Sump

Products Used

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  • Is a High-Build Coating that is tolerant of poor surface preparation and suitable for application Damp and Compensating surfaces.
    £108.00£427.20 Excl VAT
  • fine-particle-non-slip-additive
    M-FLOOR 900 - Fine Quartz AggregateIs a Fine Particle Quartz Anti-Slip Aggregate formulated to be added to various products in our flooring coatings range
    £17.01 Excl VAT
  • M-PRIME 104 - Damp Tolerant Concrete Primer . The product is a solvent-free clear epoxy primer, which provides outstanding penetration into concrete and other cementitious...
    £164.00 Excl VAT

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