Pourable Expansion joint filler

How to use a pouring grade expansion joint filler to repair horizontal expansion joints in concrete.

To use a pouring grade expansion joint filler like M-CRETE 600 to repair horizontal expansion joints in concrete, follow these general steps:

Prepare the expansion joint:

Clean the expansion joint thoroughly by removing any debris, dust, or loose particles. Use a wire brush or a vacuum to ensure a clean and smooth joint surface.

Prime the joint:

Apply a suitable primer such as M-CRETE 600P to the sides of the expansion joint. The primer helps improve the adhesion of the joint filler to the concrete surface. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the specific primer and allow it to dry as recommended.

Install backer rod (optional):

If the expansion joint width exceeds the maximum recommended for direct pouring, insert a compressible backer rod into the joint. The backer rod helps to control the depth of the joint filler and provides a proper shape.

Mix the joint filler:

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to prepare the M-CRETE 600 joint filler. Usually, it involves mixing two components, such as a resin and a hardener, in the specified ratio. Use a clean container and mix thoroughly using a paddle mixer or similar equipment until you achieve a uniform consistency.

Pour the joint filler:

Pour the mixed joint filler into the prepared expansion joint. Start from one end and work your way to the other, ensuring even distribution and filling of the joint. Avoid overfilling, as the filler will expand during curing.

Tool the joint filler:

Use a trowel or a suitable tool to level the poured filler and achieve a smooth, even surface. Pay attention to the edges to ensure proper adhesion and feathering.

Allow curing:

Follow the product application instructions for the recommended curing time. It typically takes several hours or even days for the joint filler to fully cure and achieve its maximum properties. Protect the filled joint from traffic or other disturbances during this period.

Finish the surface (optional):

If desired, you can further refine the surface appearance of the joint filler once it has cured. You can use sandpaper, grinding equipment, or other suitable methods to achieve the desired finish.

Always refer to the product datasheet and application instructions specific to the M-CRETE 600 joint filler product you are using. They may provide additional recommendations and precautions to ensure successful application and long-term performance.

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    Joint Depth? – 2mm
    Width? – 1mm
    Linear meters: 8500m?
    Need price for this item

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