All type of storage tanks can be protected from internal corrosion or acid and chemical attack.

Here at Maxkote, we offer a wide range of tank lining paints and coatings suitable for relining tanks or for the corrosion protection of new steel tanks.

Please contact us to discuss your project before purchasing this material to confirm suitability.


What is Tank Relining

Existing tanks can be relined to stop corrosion on the internal surfaces or reduce bacterial growth and improve water hygiene in potable water tanks. Relining the existing tank is cost-effective and less disruptive compared to replacement.

What type of tank can be lined

What Type of Linings are used

Ideally, solvent-free epoxy tank linings and coatings or polyurethane coatings would be specified due to the lining work being carried out in a confined space.

Epoxy Tank Linings

Epoxy Linings are a perfect solution for rigid steel tanks or storage tanks and reservoirs constructed from concrete. Epoxy tank linings also provide superior resistance to industrial acids and commonly used chemicals.

Polyurethane Tank Linings

Polyurethane Coatings are best for GRP tanks or steel tank where is a possibility of structural movement. Polyurethane linings provide a high degree of flexibility.

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