M-ROOF 100 – Emergeny Roof Repair Membane

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M-ROOF 100 – Emergeny Roof Repair Membane

MaxPro 300 – Emergency Waterproof Membrane. Is an elastomeric, solvented free waterproofing coating with added fibres that interlace to cover cracks or gaps up to 2mm.

Suitable for general maintenance work, it needs just one coat to provide a durable, water-resistant finish. No primer is required. Can be applied to wet or damp surfaces and is waterproof on application.





  • Roofs
  • Gutters
  • Emergency repair to flat roof systems
  • Gutter lining
  • Sealing glazing bars
  • Flexible system
  • Single pack 
  • Gap bridging
  • One coat system
  • Water-tolerant
  • Crack resistant
  • Aids application 
  • No extra reinforcement required
  • Fast application
  • Stops leaks when wet

Application Guide
Technical Data
Application Guide

  • Prepare the surface 
  • Apply the base-coat at a  target film thickness of 1000 microns
  • Allow for curing
  • Inspect the coating for any pinholes or misses and repair where necessary 
Surface Preparationsteel

Clear all areas of moss, lichen and debris by brushing or power washing and remove surface water and any contamination such as Oil or Grease and allow to dry. 


Most roof substrates do not require a primer but to improve system life surfaces may be primed using Maxprime 100

Priming Metal

Non-porous surfaces use MaxPrime 300, the application should be as detailed on the relevant data sheet.


Mix and apply the material directly to the prepared surface, using a soft-bristled brush, squeegee. Check the wet film thickness on a regular basis ensuring correct coating thickness of a minimum  thickness of 1.0mm


1kg of the product will cover 1.0 sq metres at a nominal thickness of 1000 microns. 

Usable life at  20°C 

60 minutes

Technical Data

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Additional information

Weight 5 kg

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