Potable water tank steel reline

Steel Water Tank Reline


Steel Water Tank Relining with MAX-LINE 100 liquid applied Polyurethane Coating System offers long-term corrosion and erosion protection.  And helps reduce bacterial growth within potable water tanks.

The Polyurethane Coating is solvent free, extremely flexible making MAX-LINE 100 – the ideal solution for the Refurbishment of all types of Drinking Water Tanks new or old.

The product can be applied directly to prepared steel surfaces but for concrete and GRP Drinking Water Tanks we advocate the use of a surface primer such as MAX-PRIME 100 or MAX-PRIME 200.


Do you need your water tank lining or relining?

We can provide full tank reline specification and can recommend a professional 3rd party contractor for the preparation & lining works!
10 years plus Life

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water tank reline

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