M-CRETE 500 – Concrete Leak-Stop System

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M-CRETE 500 – Concrete Leak-Stop System

M-CRETE  500 is a rapid setting, polymer modified cementitious water plugging mortar for arresting water seepage and infiltration under pressure through cracks, joints and voids in concrete and masonry. 

M-CRETE 500 can also be used for rapid sealing and jointing in and around pipework, or in water retaining structures.

M-CRETE 500 is a single component, polymer modified, fibre reinforced, Portland cement-based water plugging and sealing compound.

When mixed with water it exhibits unique hydraulic properties to produce a rapid setting mortar which can arrest water seepage and infiltration through joints, cracks or porous areas in concrete structures.

Sealing Applications

  • Water Retaining Concrete Structures
  • Porous Concrete Water Tanks
  • Plug Leaking Piplines
  • Seal Leaking Drains
  • Cracked Concrete

Product Features

  • Pre-packaged material requiring mixing with clean water.
  • Low shrinkage and high bond strength ensure monolithic performance and a watertight seal.
  • Sets in 2 minutes at 20ºC, yielding a durable, high strength mortar.
  • Physical properties of cured materials similar to base concrete.
  • Enhanced adhesion in jointing situations and prevent wash out.
  • Non toxic when cured.
  • No more hazardous to handle than ordinary Portland cement.

Surface Preparation:

Mechanically remove all damaged concrete and masonry back to a sound core. Joints and cracks should be square cut or ideally dovetail cut out to a minimum depth and width of 20mm. On cutting back, feather edges and V-cuts must be avoided.

The perimeter of the area should be broken to a depth of 10mm preferably using a power chisel. The areas to be treated must be free from all unsound material, i.e. dust, oil, grease, corrosion by-products and organic growth.

Smooth surfaces should be roughened, and all loose material and surface laitance removed using high-pressure water techniques.  The prepared substrate should be thoroughly soaked with clean water until saturated with no standing water.


MaxCrete 500 should be by hand in a clean plastic or rubber bucket. Ideally no more than 0.5kg at a time, using a mixing ratio of 1 part water to 3/4 parts M-CRETE 500.

Adjust the mix ration accordingly to give a putty-like consistency. Mixing time must not exceed 2minutes.

Application Base

The mixed material should be formed into a ball (wearing gloves) until the product stiffens slightly. Then forced into the void and held in place firmly for 1-2 minutes until setting occurs

Additional information

Weight 8 kg


Unit Size


Coverage per Unit

0.212 sqm at 20mm


Cement Based


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